welcome to the home of the splatlands (website)

back to the train station

hello! this is your webmaster, willow! i'll post fun things and updates here. :)

01.06.23 - SPLATFEST!

i ran the votes... and here are the results!

i'm honestly pretty surprised that anyone else was on team sour! you're the best, catherine! <3

01.05.23 - WELCOME

the start of a new place...

hi guys! this is your webmaster, willow!! im so excited to show you guys the website i made! i really only made this because i heard genesis talking about it over the phone and it sounded like a lot of fun... i hope you all take interest in it too! dm me your ideas for webpages and i'll get some pages made ;)

i'm looking to work on a forum-type page as well... so... look forward to it!